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Now proudly in its 5th year, the cidb ERWIC Awards has become a highlight on the calendar for women in the construction industry, traditionally thought of as a male-dominated industry.  Thanks to the evolving concerted efforts to encourage women into the sector, today women are increasingly assuming positions once considered ‘male’ roles and overcoming outdated stereotypes.

Enterprise development and empowerment of the emerging sector is core to the cidb’s strategy towards fulfilling and implementing an integrated strategy for the reconstruction, growth, and development of the construction industry. The cidb has identified women as a critical target for development and has chosen to celebrate and encourage this target through an industry awards process.

The aim of the cidb Empowerment and Recognition of Women in Construction Awards (ERWIC Awards) is to encourage excellence among women and commitment among stakeholders to support women in their professional growth and development. It also aims to promote role models for women in lower grade construction categories and motivate women in the higher grades.

The annual event celebrates, acknowledges and awards
the excellence of women operating within the construction industry.

Awards Guidelines

  1. Finalists may be organisations or individuals from the private or public sector, meeting the entrant criteria for each category
  2. Depending on the description and criteria of the category, the finalists may nominate themselves or be nominated by a third party.
  3. ONLY 2 categories in total may be entered by any one individual, organization or entity in a given year
  4. The majority of the judging process is based on qualitative criteria and not a quantitative process.
  5. A scorecard to be provided to advise the entrants how BBBEE and ownership will be scored. The ENTRY form will also have this scoring detail.
  6. Two entries in a category are sufficient to maintain that category. 
  7. One entry in a category may be awarded a COMMENDATION if the judges believe it is a worthy single entry.  Should the single entry not be valid, the category will be withdrawn for that year. 
  8. Requirements of all entrants:
    1. Entrants must be actively registered with the cidb, where applicable.
    2. Entrants must disclose their BBBEE status this applies to companies/organisations.
    3. Projects entered must be from Southern African regions.
    4. Projects entered must have been fully completed within the awards time period. 
    5. A signed declaration from the client is required.
    6. Entrants must complete and sign the Entry Declaration.
  9. Only projects completed between 1 January 2022 and 31 December 2023 are eligible for entry into the project awards categories for 2024. Projects must be completed on time, within budget and to the satisfaction of the client, and abide by all health and safety regulations. 
  10. Projects entered in the awards competition in one year may not be re-entered for competition in any other consecutive year. 
  11. No winner, second or third place finalist may enter that SAME category in the consecutive year following that placement.
  12. Categories are divided into the following groups:
    1. Projects
    2. Business 
    3. Individual
  13. The awards entry closing date is subject to change but will be adequately communicated by the cidb.
  14. Finalists will be required to be interviewed by judges. Convenient times will be determined and in some cases site visits will be coordinated.
  15. The awards event will take place in mid- to late-August, in keeping with August traditionally being positioned as Women’s month.

How to Enter

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