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Adjudication Criteria

The cidb considers the adjudication process for the cidb ERWIC Awards to be of great importance and as such follow a rigorous impartial adjudication process.  The adjudication process and procedures followed are designed to ensure:
  • Impartiality
  • Independence
  • Integrity

A group of up to 9 judges are selected by the cidb and invited to be a part of the process.  These individuals are selected based on their involvement or knowledge of the industry.  By undertaking the role of a judge in the cidb ERWIC Awards, these individuals are not permitted be a part of the entry process for the Awards, independently or in association with any other entity.

Declaration of Independence

The adjudication team are asked to sign a declaration of their independence and impartiality which is managed by an external audit company.

The adjudication team receive the completed and checked entries via a secure online portal and upload their score sheets to this same portal for the external auditor to review and collate.  The scorecards are the same for every entry in a category and require a score to be completed for each section by the judge.  Each entry concludes with a score out of 100.

Independent Audit Process

An independent external audit firm is contracted each year by the cidb to handle the management of the adjudication process, the judges and the completed scorecards.

The external auditor has an algorithm into which all completed scorecards are input and this system then calculates the scores for each entrant and produces the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places with their total scores.  The auditor also provides an audit clerk who manually checks the scores and the totals of the top three finalists. Once this process is complete, the audit firm provides the Awards team with their audit report in a secure format detailing the placings and winners in each category.

The adjudication team are contacted by the auditor in the event there is some discrepancy with a scorecard or in the event one particular entry scores very differently by any particular judge.  The adjudication team are not informed of any finalist positions and attend the Awards gala dinner to find out the who the final winners are.

The audit report is included in the Awards Close-out Report along with the individual judge declarations.

The Countdown has begun: Who will be our Winners?